FAQsThings To Know About WPR

  1. What is the typical turnaround for watch polishing / refinishing / repair?
    Polishing services are usually a 10-14 day turnaround. Re-brushing and other finishing work is usually 2-3 weeks. Repairs are typically 3-4 weeks (this greatly depends on if and/or what parts are needed).

  2. What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept check and credit card payments through PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to make payment but can pay via your PayPal account if you choose), and we accept USPS money orders (no other money orders accepted) in lieu of a PayPal payment for those without a credit card or PayPal account or those with an unverified account. Payment must be made and verified before your watch is returned to you.

  3. How should I ship my watch to you?
    First and foremost, use a box to ship your watch in; Do not use a padded envelope or soft sided mailer as these do not offer enough protection. Make sure to use enough packing material (bubble wrap works the best), make sure it is at least double layered around your watch and make sure the entire box is filled to minimize the watch moving around the inside of the box. Using UPS, FedEx or the USPS will get the watch to us just fine. Regardless of carrier, please choose a method that offers tracking; We take no responsibility for watches lost in transit. The USPS Small Flat Rate Box using Priority service is probably the most cost effective method of shipping your watch to us. Depending on your assessed value of your watch, you may want to add additional insurance in case your package is lost or damage in transit. We we ship the watch back to you, we ship via USPS Priority and we include the same insurance coverage you chose when shipping your watch to us, if any. We take no responsibility for packages shipped uninsured or under insured, regardless of reason of dispute including but not limited to loss of package, damage of contents, etc. Please keep this in mind when deciding to save a buck or two.

  4. Should I ship the entire watch, or just what I want refinished?
    If you have the means to remove, say, the band for refinishing and it is the only part you'd like refinished, by all means ship just the band (or bezel, or crown, etc). Whatever is most convenient. Most people ship their entire watch. Please do not ship accessories, boxes or documents; Ship only the watch or watch part/s that are to be serviced.

  5. Can I drop my watch off if I'm local?
    At this time we do not accept drop offs. Please refer to "How should I ship my watch to you" above for details on how to get your watch to us.

  6. Do you accept international repair orders?
    We do accept international watch repair orders. For international orders we only accept PayPal payments via the Gift payment method (Friends & Family payment type). It is usually best to source a local repair center if at all possible. That said, we receive several international orders each month and usually do not have issue.

  7. Where are you located?
    Update 11/27/2017: We are no longer located in Chicago, IL, our new repair facility is in Hilton Head, SC and our mailing address as of 12/14/2017 is in Port Wentworth, GA.